Saturday, July 31, 2010

Table of Contents

Note: Until further notice, I'm officially putting this project on hold. It was practically on hold anyways, so this is just to let you know not to expect further progress any time soon. I find myself with insufficient time to prepare and write this at this point in my life, but I hope to take it up again some day.

This online table of contents will be updated as new parts are published. At that time, the relevant section below will be linked to the page. Also, since the book is still in development, this is not yet complete and things may get moved around a bit yet. Feel free to provide suggestions along those lines.


What to Expect
What We'll Cover
First Things First
Armchair Philosopher

The Beauty of Truth

What is Truth?
Just Say "No"
The Beauty of Truth

Beautiful Thinking

Human Dignity
Faith & Reason
Freedom & Commitment

Becoming Fully Human

Beyond Goodness

He Was a "Good Man"
A Personal God
Good and Evil

Into Eternity